Sealife in polychromos (Colchester Tindalls)

A little overdue, sorry, as too often life happens and three weeks and a holiday flies by! But finally getting around to uploading photos from the Sealife in coloured pencil workshop at Colchester, Tindalls. I won’t write too much as the photos always speak for themselves. I love running the workshop and am always grateful to all those who come along. I love seeing everyone’s work, and look forward to every workshop so thank you

Fantastic pencil work underway, it’s always exciting to see the drawings unfold throughout the day. Most of the time artists will create most of their artwork alone, I think one of the best things about workshops is getting to work alongside other artists. It’s encouraging talking to others learning tips form one another and also seeing how people work in different ways and at such different paces. I have found with most mediums there are lots of ways to achieve the result you want with no one specific way being the right way. It’s just learning which way works for you, absorbing as much information as possible and practise.

A few lovely ladies hard at work!








And the finished drawings (sorry I didn’t get a photo of all of them finished)

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